Will black people ever be on top (in IQ scores, education and other intellectual and economic achievements)?

Yes, I believe it’s inevitable. My theory is that the bigger the cultural gap that has to be closed by one group to catch up with another culturally superior group, the more superior the copying group will end up becoming. This is why Jews have achieved more than the people they copied. Although Jews scored very low in IQ tests at one time in America, they still ended up being the group with the highest test scores in a matter of decades (or less) after they made the leap to catch up with the leading culture. Now they dominate in Nobel Prizes, literary prizes, and so on.

The Chinese in America were once so culturally inferior to whites in America that the latter gave up on trying to change them and finally concluded that they are “unassimilable.” Now they score higher in IQ tests than whites.

Black Americans are now at the bottom in IQ and culture; they consequently have the fewest achievements and highest unemployment rate. African blacks have an even lower IQ and culture in many ways. But what a great opportunity! What a great time to be last!

If blacks decide to catch up, culturally, without feeling any shame for this, they will make the biggest cultural leap in history and will naturally become conspicuously dominant in the sciences, technology, business, and so on. Others would then have to play catch up, at least intellectually.

But they will have to first get past the biggest obstacle of all: themselves. They will have to change their negative attitude to copying other people who are culturally more disciplined. And of course it takes hard work to become disciplined, especially at a time when there is no social pressure to change since your lifestyle supposedly expresses your identity and your weaknesses are blamed on others (which means they are the ones who should change).


4 thoughts on “How Black Pride produces Black Poverty – part 2

  1. What has produced the results that we are seeing in Africa is a package of key economic tools to move a stagnant economy. Namely, the following: devaluation; creation of funds; bonds issuance; productive investments; develop infrastructure; agriculture first; alternative energy; foreign exchange accumulation; on the political side, reduction of conflict and make China a friend. All of the above was started in the 90’s as a package to kick-start Africa’s development.

    The reduction of conflict is a very important part of the new direction for Africa. One of the key components for Africa’s development has been the control of conflict. A country cannot develop if it is at war.

    The following countries were in conflict at some point between 1994 and 2005. Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Togo, Uganda and Zaire.

    The reason for these wars is the inability of the country to produce goods and services in sufficient quantity to satisfy the needs of the population. Thereby resulting problems lead to war. Countries with high per capita GDP generally over 3,000 dollars. Have less incidents of conflict.

    Provided the higher per capita GDP turns into an equitable distribution of income. As more African countries move into the middle income category the less tension will exist leading to war. In the meantime the AU will have its hand full in conflict reduction and peacekeeping efforts.

  2. I honestly admire the Indians for their dedication to duty. They really work hard. Back home here in Zed, I got a shocker when someone told me that a similar plant in Zambia could not achieve the targets that their colleagues in India with a similar operation could achieve. Reason: Zambians are lazy.

    We have to definitely copy what others do if we intend to catch up!

    Excellent piece CC.

  3. It is a bit misleading to say that Chinese were culturally “inferior” to Americans. Chinese culture is thousands of years older than American culture with China being in existence long before America. In what way were they “inferior”? Certainly by the mid 1800s and most of the 20th century China was technically and organizationally inferior. But prior to this period China was actually for centuries and in some centuries, the world leader as far as technology, and on some counts, such as its pioneering civil service practices- organizationally. As late as 1800 for example China produced about 1/3 of the world’s economic output- miles ahead of individual European nations like Britain, or France. Key inventions like paper, printing, gunpowder or the compass were pioneered in China. Today in the late 20th and early 21st century China is regaining that pattern, with trade and increasing military might sufficient to challenge Europe and America.

    As far as IQ the relevant tests were designed in the early 20th century and as some credible scholars show, reflect adaptation to modern industrial societies more than any inherent, genetic capacities of individuals or groups (See Flynn et al). Once Chinese and Japanese had adapted to the modern industrial patterns, their performance on these Western instruments improved.

    Performance “rankings” vary by era as Thomas Sowell shows. The peoples of Africa’s Nile Valley for example founded a civilization in Egypt that for millennia was miles ahead of contemporaries, and as credible scholars show (Lovell 1999, Bard 2003, Tyson-Smith, 2000, Redford 2001, Morkot 2005 et al) this civilization was founded by Africans from the south of Egypt, and the southern portion of Egypt part of which by the way falls within the tropical zone. In later centuries, this top “ranking” changed. Britain was a backwater for centuries until drawn into the larger orbit of the Roman empire and even then it was a backwater. Millennia later this had changed, and so on with numerous examples.

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