That’s the title of my  latest article published at Zambia Online.

Today is Zambia’s independence day. Looking back at our nearly 50 years of independence (46 to be exact), I think the last statement of this article sums up my pensive mood:

Let our history books be reset. The struggle for African independence was not always as hard (or perhaps even as urgent) as our old “freedom fighters” and their “historians” claimed. What has been really hard is the struggle against tyranny – after independence.

Gregg Zachary, a professor of Arizona State University (formerly a Wall Street Journal and New York Times correspondent/columnist) also blogs generously about my article here.



One thought on “How Kenneth Kaunda aborted the Zambian Dream

  1. Dear Mr Chanda Chisala,

    Please permit to state that I somewhat concur with certain aspects of your polemics, but not wholly entirely. I beg to differ on the views of your polemics and ascertions made by you Sir;. As the above mentioned topic ” How Kenneth Kaunda aborted the Zambian Dream”.

    First point, I would like to draw to your attention, that perhaps you ought to bear in mind and never forget pertinent facts of history. Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda at the decade Zambia got her independence from Great Britain it was not an easy job and many people lost their lives at the hands of British Colonial Government. Be gratiful and give credit where is due, If you fail to bear in mind such facts that will be a big remiss of you. Yes, Dr Kenneth David Kaunda was human as you and no perfect person on this planet exists. Made some mistakes…He played a profound and lasting role in the liberation struggle against evils of white minitoriy rule in Southern Africa.

    Secondly, He put his life in danger of South African Airforce Bombs and assassines as the South African Government of the day in 1960s upto 1994. Carried out bombing raids upon Zambia in attempt to kill ANC Leaders in exile people like Oliver Tambo, Joshua Nkoma,Thebo Mbeki and the black Adolf Hilter Robert MUGABE. Kaunda took a moral stance against racism and aparthied as a consqence the Zambian Economy suffered and many gateways to the ocean for the Zambian Copper was controlled by white governments. So, May ask you a good question. did you want Kaunda to passive like Kamuzu Banda and Jomo Kenyatta against racism and aparthied? Watch from the sidelines whilst other people were suffering?

    Thirdly, He allowed [Kenneth David Kaunda] other parties or organisations from southern to do their training in Zambia that’s moral courage. why do you think Nelson Mandela visited Zambia as the first counry when he came out of prison. When late Dr. FTJ CHILUBA had arrested KK in 1997 on grounds of coup. Nelson Mandela told off and warned FTJ that he was coming to remove him from power and hold free and fair elections for the country and get a new leader of respect for elders and ordered him to Release Kenneth Kaunda immediately without fail otherwise he was on his way to release KK with the South African Army. When Julius Nyerere heard what Nelson Mandela was planning he came quickly to warn FTJ Chiluba that Mandela was serious. That’s when FTJ Released Kenneth David Kaunda. Kenneth Kaunda is loved, respected and celebrated as the founding father of Zambia across Zambia and Africa and the world at large.

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