Much progress is being made in genetic research that could soon show which populations have higher genes (alleles) for intelligence compared to others. Many people are excited about this, especially those in the hereditarian world who are fully convinced that their theories about racial differences will be finally confirmed. I predict that there will be depressing disappointment among them, enough to cause them to end their careers.

My first prediction concerning the actual findings is that if they find that East Asians do indeed have more alleles for education/intelligence than anyone else, Ashkenazi Jews will show less such alleles than them, which is what will be the anticlimax for the racialist faithfuls since Ashkenazi Jews putatively possess the highest group intelligence.

Whatever happens, my prediction is that the IQ genetic profile of Ashkenazi Jews will be closer to (at least some) SubSaharan African populations than to East Asians and this will cause a huge intellectual crisis among said hopefuls!


2 thoughts on “Who will be disappointed with genetic findings on race and intelligence?

  1. I think it is a very good idea when different intellectuals now publish predictions about the results they expect from future scientific studies about IQ related genetic patterns and differences of those genetic patterns between populations. Now it is the time to so, because for a layman like me it seems that meaningful results can be expected within the next decade.
    One has to have some courage to make some predictions, and afterwards the honesty to admit when one was wrong.
    The problem is that almost EVERY public person in western countries and most non-western countries has the very same positions on this questions. This position is: IQ differences between different populations or races do not exist, and even if they exist are 100% environmental. The position also says, that even thinking that the differences MIGHT not be 100 % environmental is ridiculous, very silly and also evil (which means racist). So no public person will make any predictions about whether they expect that it turns out that genetic racial IQ differences exist or not, because they think the question is already settled for eternity.

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