I come from Zambia, Central Africa. My formal educational background is in Biochemistry. I started my web company immediately upon graduating in Biochem at the University of Zambia. I also formed the large portal site, Zambia Online, and it quickly became the most active Zambian web site, mainly due to its extremely active discussion forums. My team and I thoroughly enjoyed the practice of continuous innovation.

“Human Supremacism” is what I call my philosophy. It simply means that man is the highest kind of being possible in reality, and it means that every individual is absolutely the highest kind of entity possible in the universe. Politically, this is the only unassailable logical foundation for the ideology of human rights. No one has a right to control another human being, not government, not society, nothing, because nothing can be above any human being, even if they form a collective. So, observing human rights simply means that you can’t involve any human being in any kind of interaction without their permission. And this interaction means interacting with any of their property. Governments exist solely for the purpose of sustaining this principle in practice. Anything they do above that is not their duty and it is a violation of human rights itself. Human supremacism (I will expand on the full idea later)…image

In 2008, I was granted the Knight Fellowship by Stanford University for my innovations at Zambia Online.

In 2009, upon completing my Knight Fellowship program, I was invited back to Stanford by the Hoover Institution for another intellectual leadership fellowship. In 2012, I also became a visiting fellow of the Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington, DC.


26 thoughts on “About Chanda Chisala

  1. Dear Mr. Chisala,
    I am delighted to have read your posts. I had thought that the continent of Africa was in a mode of self destruct. After reading your articles I am heartened to know that there is someone with the philosophy that you have. Do you have much support or are you a voice in the wilderness? One of the concerns that I have is that many African countries are so caught up in trying to “right the wrongs of the past” that they are completely ignoring their future. As we have seen in Zimbabwe, taking the farms and businesses of whites has not helped black Zimbabweans one bit, in fact to the contrary. I believe that education and equality is the key to the future of Africa, along with your philosophy. We have many people here in the US that profit from strained race relations and therefore can never admit that equality for blacks has reached a high point. Their point is moot, we have a black president and even if every black person in the country had voted for him he would not have had enough votes to win. Obviously white voters put him in office, and most of those who did not vote for him did so for political ideals and not the color of his skin. I hope that the people of Africa will start looking at each other as Africans and not as black Africans or white Africans. Even in America this did not happen overnight, and may not be complete even yet, but we have come a long way and I hope that Africa can too. After you get Africa straightened out we are probably going to need you here in the US to help revive capitalism here. Wishing you all the best.
    Kind regards,

  2. CC,

    In the latest “Talking Business’ (no 197) by Chibamba Kanyama, he opens the article with the following….”A colleague Chika Phiri recently sent me the following statement made in 1867 by Karl Marx, “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be nationalized, and the State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism.”…..

    Note that this was just the opening paragraph and the rest of the article does not discuss this further – the thrust was rather different.

    My question is, in view of what is happening now, could Marx have got it right. What is your take on this?

    1. Thanks for that interesting quote, Areaboy. I will investigate more. But Marx didn’t get it right, of course, because no one has to “take the road which will lead to communism” unless they’re already Marxists in one sense or another, in which case it would just be a self-fulfilling prophecy by his followers.

      1. Hey Chanda,
        Am now a scholar of the history of Civil Rights movements. Martin Luther asked in one of his speeches in New York: “Is Communism therefore a judgement against our failure to make democracy real and follow through?”

  3. hey Chanda,
    i have just been reading your site, just discovered it recently. As usual, its good reading through your pieces.Hhhmmh! But I have something to say about some pieces. Hope i will have time to send you something.

  4. Thank you so much for your insight and for sharing your wisdom and views. I was filled with joy when I first stumbled upon your sight and I hope that you will continue to write. I am currently a very busy student otherwise I would write you more but I just want you to know that what you write is valuable to me and should be read by all Americans in my opinion. God bless you!

  5. Greetings Chanda,

    As usual, I cannot resist the urge to read your writings and respond. Here I come again. Your philosophy says, in part, “…man is the highest kind of being possible in reality…” I find this section of it particularly human centered. By this I mean it ignores the limitedness of the human mind and the quiet wisdom of all other creatures and hoist man to the highest tip of the totem pole. I agree with the undercurrent of your philosophy especially as it relates to equality among humans. But I will argue strongly that the human is not, at least in my understanding of the principles of nature or should I call them natural laws, supreme. A human is inherently inadequate in and of itself. The laws, which a human breaks itself against, have it that a human is simply another critter among critters in a circle of life. In this circle, energy taking physical form, all life forms, including human, are strewn on thread of interdependence. Destroy one item on the thread and life as we know it is transformed.

    The full impact of the destruction may not be seen in the short-run, but as sure as the drop of water will always find a large body of water, no matter how long it takes, it will be felt.

    Short version, it is not only selfish for a human to say it is supreme but also egotistical.

    Let me end by saying, I have met one Zambia I thought deserved the title of a thinker. You belong right up there with great minds, CC.

    Take care.

    1. Brother man

      When you say “But I will argue strongly that the human is not at the center of life and non life forms of the universe but is simply another critter among critters in a circle of life.

      If i have not misunderstood you dear one,is there aproof that man is the super or main actor in the universe?

      Man is able to alter universe parts.Man is able to interact with universe particles or is it that he is invuted by same?

      Man is able to modify but water and air by it self cant do anything to man.

      Animals can by accident but withoout planning interact with man but amn can plan and effect reschedule plans which animasl cant therefore he or she can not be equalled with other universe citizens or particles.

      Man communicates with supernatural life like flying in the night,take for instance Luapula people were previously known to create thunder etc now with time and the confirmation of power of religion this is subsidising or reducing.

      For the sake mere chating and probably learning from each other have sort to say this between you two gurus and knowledge sources i.e you and CC are powerful knowledge sources and provides hope for beter tommorow.


  6. Hi CC,
    I sort of just stumbled in your site after i looked for your articles on zambiaonline and could not get any latest ones. i somehow just googled your name and here I’am. good articles as usual may be i just need to digest your profile and specifically your phylosophy. I will be able to comment later if need be otherwise let me enjoy your articles first. great writtings and keep up man. your are an inspoeiration to me in that area of thinking and developing oneself(individualism as regards to capitalism) and how africa can come out of this squalor of poverty and shame.

    kind regards


  7. I am impressed to see that we have brothers who have done so much and are still doing it. I for one am very much in love with Zambia online only that i did not know it was born out of your toil. Congrats.


  8. “About Chanda Chisala”

    Congratulations to you Mr C.Chisala on you r achievements.For the fisrt time i have read your aim sure partial CV on this blog.

    Ofcourse the years that i spent reading and resiponding to ZOL -Leter to the president i did not have access to know about you though Mr Pimbilimano did brief me but i was some how sceptic then.

    Zambia online your creation will remain abang bang for generation to come as it will impact alot of people and makes us proud.

    Last friday i was asking my supervisor to mail document to my ZOL address and he exclaimed at hearing of s uch wonderful address and doubted wheter it exists .

    Having a mail box which identifies itself with Zambia is no mean achievement.

    Keep up your balanced moderation at ZOL as it is indeed national as well as a window for Zambia but as you said continue to protect surfers from violators of human rights .

    May i repeat: continue to protect surfers from violators of human rights .

    We have to build the kind of Zambia every ones dreams about with respect to other peoples opinions as long as they do not border or infringe on humans rights and freedoms of others and this we shall achieve because God is with us.

    Having known and read this i am relieff of certain faears i had developed on ZOL-leter to the president whch i encoutered.


  9. Hi CC!

    I do occasionally peep through your articles – good reading! Today I have decided to chip in a little on what appears on your site. First, there is no proof that “man is the superior or main actor in the universe”, even though he is able to alter universe parts. This is built on the premise that – since the universe is so enormous and complex, the probability of existence of other equally or more superior beings or intelligence than us, is quite feasible and believable.

    Thus, the so-called “human supremacism” is confined only to our immediate surroundings – no more. Further, because the abuse of human rights is so rampant, the statement that – ‘no one has the right to control another being’, falls apart. Because of the inability of a human being to see that the abuses are wrong. At least that weakens their “supremacism” aspect – if being supreme also includes perfection. A dog acts lowly the way it does because it is a dog. We paint ourselves to what we are not. But a feel-good being ‘supreme’ is fine, although is another thing to actually being one as we claim to be.

    Finally, the loss of power by Luapula people (Eagle) to communicate with supernatural life due to interaction is yet another proof of our weakness. Not to talk about our general failure to communicate with extra-terrestrial beings out there who have been trying to communicate with us. It is not possible yet because we either lack the language or are ”too stupid” and therefore unable to. Food for thought!

    September 3, 2010

  10. Hai Chanda,

    It’s very gratefying to learn that Zambia still has the spirit of the Velentine Musakanyas(VM) of the past world in the name of Chanda Chisala. I have been reading your articles on zambia online with great interest without knowing that you are the brain behind the site.

    Give Zambia online an infinite life span such that even when we are long gone , people not yet born will come and have a benefit from it and widen their scope. Chanda I am glad you did this and I avail myself, my resources and my everything to you so that Zambia online can stand a test of time.

    Good Luck.


  11. If your real name is Chanda Chisala, this actually means your ancestry is Lungu/Bemba, and if you are, the belief that humans are the supreme beings is both misplaced and errornous. Your people, if you are, whom I think you are, have always believed in a supreme being and other lesser spiritual beings normally referred to as, “imipashi yakowela”, or evil spirits.

    But what you declare to believe, is what President Kaunda, called humanism. This is the biggest lie, the so called educated new agers have clung to and still cling to. Man, was planted on this earth, created for the specific purpose of being the perfect habitation for man, by Almighty God. Let me spell out the hierachy of the universe. There is The Godhead, Father, Son and The Holy Spirit, below them are, The Principalities, The Powers and The dominions. It would take me a whole book to explain this set up. But man, your so called supreme being, is at the bottom of this pecking order.

    This age, is slowly coming to it’s end. And people who believe like you do, are destined for a very bleack existance. Write to me using my email and I will explain. All the best dear boy.

  12. Hi Chanda,

    Iam enjoying reading your articles as I have started working in Zambia and the region. One of my big frustrions is dealing with people who claim to have political links to the President of Zambia or his ministers. I am battling to find a way of confirming the linkages – is there any way that you know of to get confirmations?

    I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.


  13. The book contrasting Obama’s and Rand’s ideas is superbly done, thanks! Re you ideas, you may like to look at my own Putting Humans First (Rowman & Littlefield, 2004).

  14. Hi Chanda,

    I just finished reading your new literary work Barak Obama vs Ayn Rand. I have to say I was deeply moved by the way you structured the storyline. I have to admit it was interesting to gain insight and understanding from both sides. Truth be known, I do side with Ayn Rands philosophical ideas. Please keep up the good work.


  15. I recently read one of your articles arguing that African immigrants outperform African-African “natives” academically. In the article you made comparisons regarding Africans and West Indians in the U.K. which gave me the impression that the academic environment and life in general for Blacks the U.K. is much better than in the US. Would you agree with this statement? I am a “native” African American and the older I get the more I feel as though Blacks here are repressed through a strange form of intolerance that feels like a caste system. I think a big part of the reason that African Americans perform so poorly academically stems from a collective intolerance of doing well in school. The mere act of doing well in school is seen as a form of insubordination here in America. What do you think? Time to move to the U.K.?

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